What is an End User License Agreement (EULA)?

What is an End User License Agreement (EULA)?

Well, the software manufacturers need to have some way of keeping control over the stuff you buy or download, and whenever you download any new software you will probably come across a license agreement which you have to agree to before the download can begin (see the video for more details).

Now then, I want to ask just one question and I want you to answer me truthfully,

“Does anybody know anyone who has actually read all of the terms and conditions which we are agreeing to”?

Even in many instructions it just tells you to “check the box to say you agree” and then click “next”. We really don’t know what we’re agreeing to do we?

Anyway, don’t worry too much about it, it’s mostly to safeguard the manufacturers against multiple users being able to make use of one piece of software which has only be paid for once, and they have plenty of other ways and means of checking that out too these days (that’s how come my laptop had a “near death experience” with a virus last week, but that’s another story for another day).

At the end of the day the manufacturers do have us over a barrel don’t they, if we don’t click the right box, we can’t have it – end of story.

The Kazaa EULA
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